Release of 'O' Level Results.
Friday, January 8, 2010 / 1:27 PM
Hey dearest 4P2,

I am Alicia, your 'once-so-damn-loved' chairman. LOL.

The "O" Levels result will be released on Monday, 11 January 2010 at 2 pm in our school multi-purpose hall (Level 4). Please be in full school uniform with your neat and tidy haircut, although Mr Tan won't catch us for the ONE LAST TIME. Putting ourselves in presentable attire is the basic respect we can give our school for grooming us into who we are in the past 4 years, it wasn't easy.

Our darling Ms Tay and our subject teachers will be there to see our fate, hehe. The procedure will be same like what we saw last year when our seniors in the previous batch received their results. It will be again, a time of suspense, and perhaps the last time we all can gather together as a class.

May all of 4P2 go up on the stage! Wish everyone the best on that day, no matter what we get, or where we go to, always remember the spirit of 4P2 is always there and the memories of us as a class shall never fade. :)

Your chairman xoxo,
Alicia (:

This may be the last time I blog here about our class issues, LOL. Sentimental. ^^

Just some of the pictures I kept to remind me of you guys. (:

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Schedule for Mock Exams
Tuesday, October 13, 2009 / 9:38 AM
13 October (Tuesday)
08.30am - 10.30am : Emaths Paper 1

14 October (Wednesday)
08.30am - 10.30am : Amaths Paper 1
11.00am - 12.30am : Human Geography Paper
1.00pm - 2.00pm : Chemistry MCQ Paper 1 (COMPULSORY)

15 October (Thursday)
08.30am - 10.30am : Emaths Paper 2
11.30am - 12.30pm : Chemistry MCQ Paper 2 (COMPULSORY)

16 October (Friday)
08.30 - 11.00am : Amaths Paper 2
Montag - A Hero?
Saturday, September 26, 2009 / 10:34 PM
Ok.....huiyi here...was surfing the web cos I was bored, and I found some stuff which explained why Mr Osgodby'd ask us about whether we think that Montag is a hero...
If you search for characteristics of montag this'd probably show up...
Apparently he's a 'romantic' hero...

-Birth and class are unimportant: the individual transcends society

-The battle is internal: it is a psychological war won by the “courage to be me”.

-Moral codes are eccentric–heroes make their own rules

-Passions are outside of individual control

-Self knowledge is valued more than physical strength or endurance (physical courage is de-valued)

-The hero is moody, isolated, and introspective

-Loyalty is to a particular project and to a community of like-minded others

-This romanticism is a lead in to today’s conception of the heroic which may best be characterize by the idea of the anti-hero. The world, which even in the recently passed romantic age was knowable and whose ills could be repaired by men of knowledge and courage, is no longer a familiar place. The world is hostile, unsafe, and if not deliberately cruel and unjust, is at least discovered to be without meaning, cold, uncaring, and joyless.

Yep..hope it helps in your Lit essays...
Here's a good one too.
Career Talk 2009
Monday, September 14, 2009 / 8:46 PM
Career Day 2009
Tuesday 15 September 2009

0800 - 0840 ~ Overview on Poly Education
0840 - 0930 ~ NJC Talk
0930 - 1015 ~ ACJC Talk

1015 - 1045 ~ Break

1100 - 1140 ~ Defence Science @ Hall
Law @ MP2
1140 - 1220 ~ Medicine @MP2
1220 - 1300 ~ Engineering @ MP2
1300 - 1340 ~ Psychology @ MP2
1340 - 1420 ~ Entrepreneurship @ MP2
Journalism @ AVA

There is no early dismissal if you are not going for any talks.

4P2 Truncated Timetable
Sunday, September 13, 2009 / 10:00 PM
Schedule for this week
Tuesday, September 1, 2009 / 12:07 PM
2nd September 2009 - Wednesday
0745-0915 - English Language (Hall)
0915-1045 - Social Studies (Hall)
1045-1125 - Recess (Canteen)
1125-1305 - Physics (Hall)

3rd September 2009 - Thursday
0745-0915 - Chemistry (Hall)
0915-1045 - Geography (Hall)
1045-1125 - Recess (Canteen)
1125-1305 - Elective Lit (Hall)
1305-1430 - HCL (Hall) , Cl (MP1) , HML (MP3)

4th September 2009 - Friday
0745-0845 - Briefing on Truncated TimeTable by Principal followed by award ceremony (Hall)
0845-1225 - Normal lessons (Respective Classes)
Thanx- 我们共同的回忆
Tuesday, July 7, 2009 / 7:09 PM
i tink i win roger in kuso hahas.
i wrote a song for the class =)
do support too!

juz rmb to treasure each other while preparing for our Os!
we only have a few more months left..







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Inspiration / Martha Stewart.